Brilliant uses for pressure washers in Kenya

pressure washers

Aren’t you curious about the additional uses of a pressure washer machine other than the conventional car washing? Sophistication and versatility are what a pressure washer’s design is all about. Pressure washers are remarkable machines for blasting away hardened mud, grime, and the greasy film left behind by pollution. The machinery can be a big investment if you make a wise decision. If you are indifferent about investing in the resourceful machine or already own one, you might not be aware of its diverse uses on exterior surfaces.

What are pressure washers?

Before checking out your desired pressure washer price and getting confused about where to start, why not familiarize with the apparatus. A pressure washer is a simple piece of equipment that sprays water under high pressure to eliminate dirt.

Ideally, these gadgets run a pump that pressurizes the water from your hose then forces it through a spray wand. Of course, the higher the pressure from the pressure washer pump, the tougher the surface it can clean. This is an integral consideration when looking for pressure washers in Kenya. They contain the following components:

  • Electric motor or petrol engine
  • Water pump
  • Water inlet
  • High-pressure hose.
  • Wand and nozzle attachments.

Indeed, pressure washers have come along way over the past few years. The quality has improved drastically while prices are becoming more affordable. This means that once you have an intuitive sense of how much power and size you covet, you can access any pressure washer parts you desire or procure the entire thing.

What is the secret to buying pressure washers in Kenya?

pressure washers

Without a doubt, pressure washers make short of tough cleaning jobs. However, it is integral that you are aware of the appropriate product for your undertaking. And it all has to do with checking out various elements.

Size of pressure washers

Whatever labelling on pressure washers that you probably consider jargon is your solution to a proper purchase. The writing will hold all integral specifications of the pressure washer you are interested in. So, what are the important factors that you ought to keep in mind when determining size?

What’s the horsepower? This measure’s critical as it determines the pressure and volume that the pressure washer can produce. PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) is also integral. Whatever pressure the washer produces is measured in PSI. Therefore, if you are looking for a higher cleaning force, better go for a bigger number.

Other size considerations when looking for the best pressure washer include Cleaning Power Units (CPU) and GPM (Gallons Per Minute) for measuring the flow rate of water. The GPM can be measured differently based on the acceptable units for your region.

The life expectancy of the equipment

The life expectancy is all about the hours of work you can do per shilling spent on the lifetime of the machine. Of course, this is hard to determine when looking for pressure washers in Nairobi. Fortunately, there’s a hack!

Check out the brand and seller guarantee. Reputable brands with impressive customer reviews tend to last longer, and when backed by sufficient warranty from the seller, you can trust that it will be worth every shilling.

How to ideally utilize pressure washers

Not all cleaning solutions are the same. Therefore, comprehending the different pressure washer uses can mean the difference between cleaning and destroying. What are the different uses of a pressure washer?

Cleaning cars

pressure washers

Car cleaning is the most utilized application of pressure washers in Kenya. It is the primary reason that car owners take their automobiles for thorough cleaning at the car wash. The pressure gets rid of dirt stuck in the mudguard and other hard to reach areas.

Wall, front entrances, garage floors and other exteriors

pressure washers

You can procure the desirable pressure washer for sale in Kenya and put it to the most appropriate utilization like floor washing. Instead of spending a few hours cleaning your house’s exterior, use a pressure washer to make your life easier.

Getting the grime off your BBQ grill

pressure washers

A BBQ grill is often problematic to wash, considering it has been accumulating oil and other dirt for some time. Although many consider using pressure washers for BBQs taboo, if done correctly, it can simplify the process.

Fence maintenance

pressure washers

You probably have never thought about using pressure washers to clean your fence. Yes, it is possible. Instead of scrubbing your entire fence, which is a massive task, why not make it simple with a pressure washer. It works pretty well.

Other uses of pressure washers

presssure washer

You can use a pressure washer to fulfil more tasks as follows:

  • Boat upkeep.
  • Roof cleaning.
  • Cleaning unsafe surfaces or substances.
  • Cleaning wood decks.

What is the best pressure washer to buy for home use?

Since the pressure washer price in Kenya varies with size, which dictates use, it is better to procure the appropriate equipment for home use. If it takes a lot of pressure to do your regular cleaning at home, then you ought to choose a pressure washer for sale that has a higher PSI and vice versa. Also, if you need faster cleaning, go for one with higher gallons per minute rating.

Is it safe to wash a car with a pressure washer?

Yes and no. Pressure washing is not a bad thing if done appropriately. You ought to consider various factors before you start washing your automobile with a pressure washer. Of course, you can damage some of your car components like the paint, and it can lead to rust. However, the gains are more than the disadvantages.

Is pressure washing dangerous?

A pressure washer’s spray is mighty and can cause injury if misdirected. Therefore, ascertain that you abide by all safety measures before embarking on the activity. These are things like wearing safety glasses and starting the machine using the right procedures to prevent injury.

Is there a difference between a pressure washer and a power washer?

Although the terms are used interchangeably, they are the same but with slight differences. Both actions use the same mechanism, i.e., using pressurized water to help remove dirt. The main difference between the two is that a power washer has a heating element that heats the water.

If you thought pressure washers are for washing automobiles alone, you are mistaken. The versatile machinery has numerous interesting applications making it a great commercial and domestic investment.

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