Charcoal briquette machine: High-performance briquette machine for turning waste into wealth

charcoal briquette machine

It the 21st century and there’s so much invested in alternative technology than ever before. What have you done so far to improve energy efficiency? There’s a way that you can contribute your efforts to combating global warming, improve energy efficiency, reduce cost and increase productivity.

The answer lies in the charcoal briquette machine. Lately, the equipment has gone mainstream in the rural and urban setting as people have realized its effectiveness of turning waste into wealth. Why don’t you join the bandwagon by procuring a charcoal briquette machine for sale?

What is a charcoal briquette machine?

Charcoal briquette machines are utilized to transform different types of agro-wastes, forest residue, charcoal powder and other types of materials to briquettes. If you possess abundant biomass in your locality or farm, better start a charcoal briquette plant by procuring the right equipment.

These briquettes are utilized both in industry or civil scale for heating as a great substitute for traditional fossil fuel. Therefore, instead of charcoal or firewood, charcoal briquettes, produced from waste can be a great alternative.

The charcoal briquette making machine design is a big deal that many users doing briquette making in Kenya look out for. People prefer the briquette machine because of its mature technology, stable performance and sturdy build that last long.

Briquette making machine price

charcoal briquette machine, @USAID Kenya

Ordinarily, a charcoal briquette machine cost between Ksh.75,000 and Ksh.125,000. Of course, the lower price range is for a small charcoal briquette machine with a capacity of 250kg/hr with 3 hp and single-phase gearbox.

The bigger and more expensive machine can process up to 500kg/hr and possesses 3hp with a single-phase gearbox. Sometimes, a charcoal briquette machine for sale in Kenya can have different specifications and cost less or more.

That is why it is essential to realize your specifications before going to the store. Some sellers can give you a custom design that suits your needs, thereby providing you with a unique charcoal briquette machine price.

How do you make good charcoal briquettes?

Indeed, making charcoal briquettes is a tedious endeavour that requires certain expertise to produce the most appropriate results. Fortunately, with the right technical know-how, which is easy to grasp, coupled with the right machinery, you can have the right-sized charcoal briquettes to sell in your neighbourhood.

Since charcoal briquettes are a combination of charcoal and other ingredients moulded into light lumps, you should prepare your mixture well.

How are charcoal briquettes made?

charcoal briquette machine, @Theofilus Anugraha

Although the steps differ reliant on the products utilized, you will use five steps to make good charcoal briquettes. Of course, a charcoal briquette machine has been customized to handle different raw materials. Therefore, you can tweak as you desire.

  • Carbonization: Here, you are supposed to fire the raw materials in a rotary kiln for one week.
  • Crushing: Utilize a hammer to crush the carbonized wood. If you have charcoal powder ready, you will not do the crushing.
  • Drying: Having the right temperature is essential since. A low temperature will make it hard to mould. Therefore, dry it to the most appropriate moisture content. Again, if you have charcoal powder or waste that can be put directly to the briquette machine, you will not have to do this.
  • Briquetting: This is the most integral step whereby you will put the raw materials in the briquette making machine. After being subjected to three forces and the right temperature, the briquettes form.
  • Drying: You need to dry your charcoal briquettes to obtain the right sturdiness.

Are charcoal briquettes toxic?

Charcoal briquettes, just like normal charcoal emit carbon monoxide. This is a toxic, invisible gas that can result in poisoning or even death when it builds up when indoors. Therefore, all the precautions you are used to when using charcoal ought to be applied with briquettes when indoors.

How do you make charcoal briquettes with sawdust?

A majority of people searching for “where to buy briquette making machine in Kenya” have one thing in mind – how to use sawdust to make briquettes. Sawdust is a readily available raw material that is often considered waste.

First, the sawdust is passed into a crusher and pushed into a large drum dryer to reduce moisture content. Once dried, the sawdust is pressed in the charcoal briquette machine under high pressure and temperature.

A charcoal briquette machine can be an essential tool for converting waste into wealth. Briquettes burn more consistently and save energy and cost. Isn’t that enough to get yourself the equipment for either commercial or domestic purposes?

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