Generator prices in Kenya: how to buy, types, application

Are you interested in generators in Kenya? But, what price does one cost? And are you getting value for money? Well, Kenya, like many countries in Africa, suffers from occasional power outages. However, many institutions and businesses require a steady power supply to perform adequately. So, what do you do when your company, facility or residence requires a constant source of electricity? Well, a generator will undoubtedly come in handy. And generator prices in Kenya ought to be your biggest concern when you are thinking of obtaining one.

generator prices in kenya
Portable generator at Nyagah Mechanical Engineering store. Source:, @Nyagah Mechanical Engineering Limited

What exactly is a generator? It is a converter that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy is harnessed and used as a power source. Quite interesting, don’t you think?

Generator prices in Kenya and what to consider when buying

Kenya has established itself in Africa as a powerhouse for innovation and prosperity. The country has a conducive trading environment that has led to diverse businesses offering various goods and services.

Because of the welcoming atmosphere that Kenya provides, several engineering firms set up bases in the country, in various strategic locations. As a result, generator prices have become competitive as competitors attempt to outdo each other.

Nonetheless, despite the country’s wealth, power production remains a burden for many individuals and enterprises. Power outages have resulted in the proliferation of alternative energy sources, which have swamped the market.

The generator is one such alternate power source. As a result, it has grown in popularity, and many Kenyan businesses have one. So, how much does one set you back? Generator prices in Kenya vary according to size and the amount of power it can produce.

How to buy generators in Kenya

generator prices in kenya
Portable generator at Nyagah Mechanical Engineering. Source: (@nyagah mechanical engineering)

Are you looking for generators for sale in Kenya? Then you’ll be relieved to discover that you have various options. So, what should you consider when purchasing generators in Kenya?

1. Size considerations

Sizing is essential because it goes hand in hand with the required power output. And of course, since you are likely working on a budget, you ought to purchase something within your financial capability.

It is worthy to note how big the system you wish to purchase is. Also, can it be transported easily? Such factors are critical and will save you inconveniences later on.

What is the formula for sizing? Total all the electric appliances and the amount you get will show you the type of engine you need. If the devices don’t have wattage, multiply the volts and amps to get the wattage, i.e.,

volts x amps = wattage (VA)

2. Fuel efficiency

Smaller generators consume less fuel and can produce substantial amounts of power. Therefore, before buying, ensure that you research the most efficient machine that will suit your needs.

3. Control systems and management

How does the machine work? Such questions are necessary to ensure that you don’t purchase a hard to manage device. Look for one that is easy to handle if you are looking for a domestic use generator.

4. Price factor

How much does the machine cost? If you are looking for a Honda generator, it would be best if you research Honda generators prices in Kenya before making a move.

You will be surprised to know that the same model machine exists at different prices nationwide. Do your price research first before buying. Some of these machines are available at various outlets, so ensure that you always get value for money.

Buying a generator will be easy for you if you follow the steps outlined above. Always consider your needs before making a purchase, because the machine is supposed to serve you.

Types of generators

How many types of generators do you know? You will be surprised that different types operate differently. Here are some of them below:

  • Portable
  • Inverter
  • Standby
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Solar
  • Hydrogen

These are some of the most common kinds. However, there are numerous sorts, that come with different wattages and sizes.

Where are generators used?

Generators are lifesavers in regions where power outages are common. In addition, they are applied in a variety of industries, including:

  • Hospitals and emergency rooms: They serve as a backup in areas such as hospitals. In addition, in the event of a crisis, the machines supply critical electricity for rescue operations. Silent generators are best for such environments as they are enclosed in a soundproof case and don’t produce noise.
  • As standby power in businesses: Many businesses demand steady electricity. Such locations necessitate the use of standby generators as a backup in the event of a power loss.
  • In the construction industry: Most construction sites require electricity for welding and even as a light source. If the building is not close to a power supply, a portable source of electricity will undoubtedly come in helpful.
  • In outdoor festivities: The machines offer electricity for lighting appliances during outdoor activities such as camping.

These are just a few examples of how these machines might be useful. But don’t let that stop you from using them anytime you want.

What is the price of a small generator?

Thanks to technology, smaller generators are capable of outputting substantial amounts of electricity. However, it doesn’t mean that such machines come cheap. For example, portable generators in Kenya have become popular because users can move them with ease. For example, a 2.5 kVA generator from Nyagah Mechanical Engineering Limited costs Ksh.35,000.

Generator prices in Kenya are fair and confer to the international standard. In this day and age, electricity has become a necessity. Many, if not all, household equipment uses or necessitates the usage of electricity to perform as intended by the manufacturer. The invention of electricity has undoubtedly made life easier for humans.

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