Milking machine


Single Can

Colour: Blue

Material: Mild and Stainless Steel

Weight: 60kg

Power source: Electricity


Double can

Colour: Blue

Material: Mild and Stainless Steel

Weight: 85kg

Power source: Electricity


Our portable milking machine for cows, goats, sheep and other dairy animals efficiently extracts milk, saves you labour cost, and ensures consistency and untainted quality. The automatic milking machine is of superb quality, fabricated from mild and stainless steel, making your milk harvesting process as simple as possible.

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Whether small or large scale, every farmer requires the services of milking machines for dairy cows and other dairy animals. The technology, which includes constant vacuum to the teat to suck the milk and convey it to a suitable container is phenomenal and efficient.

Our milking machine compressor allows farmers to experience a 3-4 times faster milking than hand milking that is tedious and laborious. Additionally, since our cow milking machine for sale affords a farmer faster milking, it means more yield within a short time.

Manage your herds faster with our portable milking machine for cows and other dairy animals while ascertaining the milk’s top-notch quality, way better than traditional means.

With our automatic milking machine for cows and other animals, you can save money by avoiding labour costs, which is quite advantageous for a big dairy farm.

Our single (smaller) and double (bigger) can milking machines are fabricated from mild and stainless steel, affording the user great longevity from the sturdy material utilized.

The cost of milking machines, although higher, is economical in the long run, considering the massive labour costs minimized as well as an increase in yield and superior quality.

Primary features of our milking machine:

  • Material is of excellent quality. They are built from mild and stainless steel, perfect for the dairy farmer’s hygienic, longevity and safety needs.
  • Compact build making it portable and contamination-free.
  • A straightforward design that facilitates ease of use, cleaning and doesn’t degrade the quality of milk.
  • Gentle and doesn’t cause injury to teats/udder.

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