Soap Plodder


  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 2000 Kgs
  • Capacity: 300 – 500 kgs
  • Power source: Electric
  • General use: Soap-making machine
  • Product dimensions: 1700x1200x1300


Our soap plodder is used in the soap manufacturing process to perform refining/homogenizing and compaction/extrusion of the soap. The plodder receives thin soap sheets from the conveyor belt and converts them into the desired long strip soap. Soap plodder machine price in Kenya is affordable.



The soap plodder machine comprises a screw made in aluminium alloy, a jacketed barrel, a hopper to feed the soap from the incoming mixer, a gearbox and a basement. At the end of the plodder, there is a refining screen and a drilled plate assembled to extrude refined soap nodules. The soap then goes on to the soap cooling machine.

The barrel in our manual soap plodder is jacketed for cooling using a water chiller. The plodder releases vast amounts of heat when operated, and failure to cool it may reduce the production rate. The refining screen is a grid assembled before the drilled plate, and the screens are classified according to the number of wires per inch. Our plodder boasts a 30 mesh screen that grants a more considerable production rate and avoids soap heating.

The screw in our soap extruder has a useful length of up to 4 times the diameter. The length of the screw determines the efficiency of the plodder. A long screw with many spirals works the soap at high pressure, increasing the homogenization. This parameter is called the L/D ratio, where L is the useful length and D is the diameter of the screw.

You can also change the soap compression and production rate by shifting the shape of the screw. There are different types of screws: one with constant kernel diameter, one with increasing kernel diameter, one with a constant pitch, and one with variable pitch.

Main features

  • Useful length of the screw: The plodder has a long screw with many spirals, which is over four times the diameter, guaranteeing higher efficiency.
  • Refining screen: Our refining screen has a 30 mesh screen that grants a higher production rate since the grids are not too close.
  • The shape of the screw: Our soap plodder allows you to switch the shape of the screw depending on your production needs.


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