Sugarcane juicer machine



Colour: Silver

Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 20kg

Power source: Electricity

General use: Sugarcane juice extraction

Product dimensions: 0.19m by 0.4m by 0.34m


Dual (Electric and manual)

Colour: Silver

Material: Stainless steel

Weight: 38kg

Power source: Electricity and manual (hand-operated)

General use: Sugarcane juice extraction

Product dimensions: 1m by 0.32m by 0.36m


The sugarcane juicer machine is a highly beneficial asset to your business or domestic setup. The machine extracts nutritious and refreshing sugar cane juice by pressing the cane through stainless steel rollers.



Our sugarcane juicer machine or crusher, either electric or dual (electric and manual), has high efficiency and stable performance in extracting nutrient-rich sugar cane juice. The juice provides an alternative to caffeinated drinks while at the same time exceeding the health benefits of water.

The primary parts and exterior of the combined electric and manual juicer or the purely electric sugarcane juicer machine are fabricated from stainless steel (corrosion protective) that affords excellent hygiene. Also, the machine features a simple framework that is convenient and easy to operate.

The compact structure of the sugarcane juicer machine for home or a commercial setup affords users easy mobility. This means that you can run your business from a mobile truck, a cart, stationed kiosk, or even a wheelbarrow!

With our sugarcane juicer with high efficiency and stable performance, you can squeeze every ounce of juice from a cane with little effort. This way, you don’t have to waste time running the cane twice. Best of all, the waste material from the sugarcane juicer can be sold to farmers as animal feeds.


  • It is built from corrosion-free stainless-steel material that ensures proper hygiene.
  • Compact design and wheels for easy transportation and comfortably fits in small spaces.
  • Simple operation (independent button control) and easy to clean.
  • Roller pressing ensures that juice and residue separate automatically.

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