Combined Posho Mills(Muthokoi Huller and Posho Mill)


  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Mild steel
  • Weight: 315kg
  • Power Source: Electricity and diesel
  • General use: Production of grade 1 flour
  • Product dimensions: Varies


Our combined posho mill, which includes the muthokoi huller/polisher and the regular posho mill, provides multiple functionalities in one, saving time and immense resources. We have varying capacities ranging from 10hp to 12 hp, suitable for various production needs.

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Are you planning to produce grade 1 flour? Fret not, as we got you sorted with our combined posho mill suitable for private and commercial establishments. The machine combines two critical technologies to give you quality flour.

The muthokoi huller/polisher works the magic of removing bran from the maize via friction. The regular posho mill does the final work of grinding the maize to produce fine, grade 1 flour. With this incredible integration, you save time and resources.

The combined posho mill, both the mothokoi huller and regular posho mill, is fabricated from solid material. The robust material is designed to be anti-corrosion, rust-free giving you safe, durable and easy after-sale maintenance.

Our machine represents the peak technology of this industry with its fantastic power flexibility ranging from 10hp to 12 hp for the electric and diesel-powered models. The powerful diesel combined posho mill allows people outside the national electric grid to grind grade 1 flour.

Our combined posho mill’s compact structure and ease of operation (0% failure rate) make it ideal for non-technical user. All one needs is to abide by the simple manufacture and sales personnel instructions.


  • Compact machine size and big capacity suitable for a small area.
  • Optional motor power (either diesel or electric), between 10hp and 12 hp.
  • Multifunctional capability, producing grade 1 flour as the final output.
  • Build from high-quality mild steel material, ensuring a long-term use.
  • Maintenance-free.

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3-4 Bags/hr Electric, 3-4 Bags/hr Engine-driven, 4-5 Bags/hr Electric, 4-5 Bags/hr Engine, 5-6 Bags/hr Electric, 5-6 Bags/hr Engine-driven, 7-9 Bags/h Electric, 7-9 Bags/h Engine-driven, 10-12 Electric, 10-12 Bags/h Engine-driven, 12-14 Bags/h Electric, 12-14 Bags/h Engine-driven


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