Domestic Disc Mill


  • Applicable industry: Food and Beverage
  • Production Capacity: 20kg/hr.
  • Engine type: 3 hp Motor
  • Power source: Electricity
  • Voltage: N/a
  • Material: Mild Steel


Our NME domestic disc mill allows clients to grind cereals to the desired texture easily. The sophisticated machine possesses simple-to-use and cost-effective features, ideal for any setting (domestic or commercial)



The NME domestic disc mill machine has a 3hp motor and 20kg/hr. production capacity. With such power, you are assured of faster grinding and smoother output.

This home machine is perfect for grinding grains and cereals such as beans, wheat, starch, rice flour, corn, sorghum, and biomass. Therefore, it is perfect for grinding porridge flour (the most common output for a domestic setting), which you can do at the comfort of your home.

The working principle of a disc mill makes sure that you get quality output and of the desired texture. It crushes material with a spinning disc mill cutter, grinding the commodity in the process. The machine is fast and efficient, suitable for even the non-technical user that has basic machine knowledge.

The disc mill pulverizer has a 3 hp engine motor that generates adequate torque to properly crush grains. Domestic disc mills enable farmers to access various advantages including:

  • Preserve product quality: No chemicals are used in the grinding process; therefore, product purity is maintained.
  • Consume less power: The home machine requires less electricity to operate due to its 3hp motor and output of 20kg/hr.
  • Produces fine end product: The household machine employs the disc mill working principle to grind grains into fine flour.


  • Fabricated from stainless steel that ascertains durability and easy maintenance.
  • Sophisticated build providing contamination free grinding.
  • Easily dissembles for cleaning.


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