Concrete Mixer


  • Capacity: 500 L
  • Speed: 1800r/m
  • Power Source: Diesel powered (6HP)
  • General use: Construction projects


Our drum mixer, which perfectly combines cement, aggregate (sand or gravel), and water to form concrete, is essential in a construction project. The machine’s incredible useability makes it ideal for large-scale and small-scale purposes.




Our Concrete mixer is modified to ease your mode of operation,It comes packed with immense functionalities to simplify your construction project’s concrete mixing set-up. The machine’s built from sturdy material (carbon steel) provides you with the much-needed durability and perfectly fits the challenging construction environment. The material has a fantastic threshold for wear and tear.

Our drum mixers are fitted with easy-to-maintain wheels that provide users with fantastic flexibility. This way, if you have two concurrent construction projects at different places, you can quickly move it to your desired location stress-free.

Whenever you get a concrete mixer from our warehouse, you are guaranteed the best experience as its well-thought fabrication affords clients a maintenance-free experience. All you have to do is to maintain proper hygiene and keep it in good condition.

Our mixers are made from material that prevents the hardening of cement inside the drum mixer, which prevents losses. With our concrete mixer, you obtain more yields sufficient for massive construction projects requiring large-scale concrete production.


  • Easy to maintain tires providing incredible portability.
  • Robust build, fabricated from carbon steel.




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400L, 500L


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