Ribbon Feed Mixers.


  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Mild and Stainless Steel
  • Power source: Electricity

Our animal feed ribbon mixers ensure that mixing different feeds for your animals into a uniform mixture is made fast, efficient, and easy, saving you time and additional labor. It is professionally fabricated to serve you for a long time and flawlessly.

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The ribbon feed mixers also known as ribbon blenders serve a vital role for farmers with farm animals on both large scale and small scales. This is because the ribbon feed mixer helps the farmers provide their farm animals with a balanced diet by mixing a variety of feeds with different nutrients into one homogenous mixture. They come in different capacities to suit both small and large-scale farmers.

The ribbon feed mixer can uniformly mix different animal feed materials in a span of 4-5 minutes without deforming the materials’ natural characteristics. This is made possible by the mixing medium consisting of helical ribbons made of stainless steel that are designed to move materials both inwards and outwards.

These ribbon feed mixers are designed for maximum efficiency in leak-proof construction and built for long and efficient service due to the quality and strong materials used to fabricate them. The technology used in the construction of our ribbon feed mixers ensures complete discharge with the outlet port centrally located in the mixer enhancing minimal wastage and efficiency.

With a capacity ranging from 500Kg/hr – 2000Kg/hr, the ribbon feed mixers can be incorporated with other machines for efficacy such as; direct mills for crushing the animal feed raw materials, weighing scales, and bags closer for sealing the bags after packing the homogenous mixture.


  • Strong material: Built from mild and stainless steel that ensures the machine’s longevity.
  • High capacity: Can produce 200kg/hr to 2,000kg/hr.
  • Sophisticated design: Designed for trouble-free mixing.
  • Electric motors: 5Hp – 20Hp depending on the capacity.
  • Rust-free: stainless ribbons

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500kg/h, 750kg/h, 1000kg/h, 1500kg/h, 2000kg/h


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