Woodworking Machine


Our woodworking machine allows you to fashion wood into desired materials and products such as boards and plywood. Whether you are a wood expert, a wood-lover or a handyman, our high-quality machines suit your needs.



Our LIDA woodworking machine is a versatile tool as it performs eight different operations, including sharpening, cross-cutting, sawing, rabbeting, planing, peeling, thickness and grooving. With all these functions merged into one machinery that you get for the most affordable woodworking machine price in Kenya, you save cost. Hence, there is no need to buy all the different machines to perform various functions.

Our woodworking machinery has a top table built from solid cast iron, giving you a stable workplace when working with bulk pieces of wood. In addition, the cast iron has a smooth and professional touch enabling you to achieve the best and accurate results for high-quality production. This makes woodworking a bit simpler for you.

Our woodworking tools have simple controls; for instance, the thickness system. This means that it is ideal for both DIY projects and commercial use as it requires less technological expertise. In addition, the equipment has straightforward and easy to read marks on the various systems for easy measurements, making it usable for a woodworking beginner.

Our LIDA machines have solid and long-lasting bodies (built from stainless steel) that can withstand bulky wood and heavy operations that are ordinary with such a job. This feature makes it cost-effective as you will not require regular maintenance, making your woodworking plans a success.


  • Multifunctional making it versatile.
  • Solid top built from cast iron.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable (body built from stainless steel).


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