Edible oils production business in Kenya.

edible oils production

Edible oil production in Kenya is an important industry that has been growing steadily over the past few years. Kenya is one of the leading producers of edible oils in Africa, and the industry is a major contributor to the countrys economy. Edible oils are used in a variety of food products, from cooking oils to margarine and shortening. The production of edible oils in Kenya is mainly done through the extraction of oil from various oilseeds, such as sunflower, sesame, and groundnuts. The oil is then refined and processed to produce a variety of edible oils.

The edible oils production business in Kenya is a market niche that has shown exponential growth over the years. According to a recent survey, the edible oil market is expected to progress at a CAGR of 13.7% in revenue and 4.75% in volume during the forecasting period of (2023-2028). This is because edible oils are a necessity in the Kitchen hence the demand is constantly high even at challenging economic times.

Types of oil extractors

Production of edible oils can be done on a small scale or commercial basis. Commercial edible oil processing is different from small scale since there are steps that a small-scale producer would not necessarily need or want to employ with their product though still pocket huge profits. We produce two types of oil extractors at NME, the cold press, and the hot press oil extractor.

Cold-press oil extractors

Our cold oil press machine is simple and easy to operate. It has a high oil yield of 97 Percent. To enhance proper sanitation, it has a stainless steel oil guide plate. They come in different capacities ranging between 2 tonnes/day to 5 tonnes/day. It has reliable transmission systems mostly helical gears with greater torque while pressing.cold press oil extractor

Hot-press oil extractors.

Our hot press has two methods of oil pressing, hot and cold. It is more convenient to heat the seeds without additional frying with a built-in thermostat heating system. It is recommended to use a hot press in order to obtain a higher oil yield. The oil extracting rate is up to 85% depending on the type of oil seed. It produces a lower sound than that of the cold press machine but has a lower capacity compared to the cold press machine with a capacity ranging from 5Kg/hr to 15Kg/hr.hot press oil extractor

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