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Engine Type: GX35 4 Stroke

Maximum Power Speed: 7500 rpm

Idling Speed: 2800 rpm

Engine Displacement: 35.8 cc

Dry Weight: 7 kg

Compression Ratio: 8: 0: 1

Bore and stroke: 39 x 30mm (1.5 x 1.2 in)

Oil Capacity: 0.1L

Starting System: Recoil Starter

Fuel: Petrol (unleaded)

Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.65L (One full tank refill can run for 3 hrs.)


Our petrol-powered, 4-stroke engine brush cutters provide sufficient power to cut shrubbery in hard-to-reach areas and challenging topography.

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Our brush cutters, featuring spinning blade attachments aid users cut overgrown vegetation, especially grass and other shrubberies in your property.

With maximum speeds of up to 7,500 revolutions per minute and a 4 -stroke engine, our best brush cutters are powerful enough. The equipment can easily get the job done when struggling with an overgrown bush.

Our petrol brush cutters guarantee users exceptional durability and longevity because of the robust quality of cutting blades and amazing compact design. The equipment’s antivibration technology reduces discomfort while trimming overgrown shrubs and grass.

The brush cutter, a versatile, handheld souped-up version of your lawnmower can get through the many obstacles hidden among overgrown weeds and other vegetation.

Since most farmers’ lands have a hot mess of overgrown grass mixed with tangled ground cover and sometimes a small landmine to large rocks, they need strong brush cutter blades. We have 6 – 8 blades varieties of various lengths to meets every user’s trimming needs.

With our brush cutters, you can:

  • Trim heavy foliate overgrown around fences and is hard to reach by tractors and other conventional cutters.
  • Easily access overgrown foliage in brambles, woody areas, and underbrush.
  • Service hilly areas that you cannot access using a tractor.

Clients can take our petrol brush cutters anywhere they desire without worrying about the power source. The 0.65L tank can run for an average of three hours when full, giving you the capability of cutting vegetation on a massive region.

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