Maize shellers


  • Applicable industry: Food Processing
  • Production capacity: 800kg/hr
  • Engine type: 3HP Motor / 7.5HP Petrol Engine
  • Power source: Petrol / Electricity
  • Voltage: 220V, 50Hz Single-phase
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Machine weight: 35kg


Thanks to its powerful engine, our NME maize sheller machine eases shucking, affording you a less-labour-intensive process..



The NME maize sheller machine has a 3HP or 7.5HP engine with 800kg/hr production capacity. Therefore, it has ideal power for small scale and large-scale setups. Even better, you can get our maize shellers, either with an electronic or petroleum engine affording you operation flexibility – you don’t have to worry about power outages.

Our machine, which has the best maize sheller machine price in Kenya can shell from 50 to 80 bags. The 800kg/hr production capacity is perfect for an 8-hour working day, and can even go for longer if desired.

The working principle of the maize sheller machine is quite simple, meaning that you don’t require technical expertise. Your maize cobs pass through a fluted spinning cylinder which helps in the extraction of kernels. The blower (one of the most important parts) removes light material, and clean grain comes out as output.

If you are interested in a commercial venture, the big and commercially viable maize sheller is perfect for you. Of course, a domestic setting requires the medium-sized one as it has all the functionalities required but with a small capacity.

The maize sheller’s made from mild steel, which ascertains your machine’s longevity and easy maintenance. Our maize sheller’s amazing build and functionalities would benefit you massively. For instance:

  • Great value for money: The product is reasonably priced translating to a high return on investment.
  • Less power consumption and more output: The machine requires less energy to operate due to its 3HP or 7.5HP motors. The production of 800kg/hr is ideal and profitable commercially.


  • Powerful electronic mortar or diesel engine as the driving force.
  • High threshing and shelling rate and high production efficiency.
  • Feeding mouth design that prevents corn from splashing out.
  • Built from quality material and professional technology.
  • High wear resistance with professional high-precision grinding technology.


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