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The NME Rice Mill, also known as the Paddy Rice Milling Machine automates the process of removing the chaff (outer husks) of rice grains. This process is also termed as ‘rice hulling’.
It hulls the rice through the press and twist force between a pair of rollers and weight pressure.
It is also very easy and to use and can work for long periods of time.

ย Advantages of the NME Rice Mill:

  1. It is equipped with a compact structure and little noise in operation.
  2. It is light and easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity
  3. Itย can produce white rice with high purity that meets the national standard, and with less chaff containing and broken rice, so it is a very good paddy rice processing machine for the countryside.
  4. It contains a lever that allows you to determine whether the rice produced is white or yellow
  5. Low breakage rate(3%). Almost all rice can keep intact.
  6. Rice mill machinery not only can mill rice but polish them, so the final rice is bright and white.

Capacity 200kg/hr
Rotary Speed 1500rpm
3HP Motor or 7.5HP Petrol Engine
Price: Ksh 55,000

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Power Source

3hp electric motor, 5hp electric motor


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