Silage Choppers – ZF 500

Colour: Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange

Material: Mild steel and cast iron

Weight: 90kg

Power source: Electric or 3hp electric motor or 7.5hp petrol engine


With a 600kg/hr capacity, and multipurpose electric or engine-driven power source, our silage choppers are the ideal small scale farmers’ equipment for chopping animal feeds. Its sturdy build, fabricated from mild steel and cast iron and a well-designed feeder ascertain ideal chopping regardless of the raw material fed.

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The silage chopping machine, small-sized and portable processing equipment, has a simple structure, is easy to maintain and is ideal for chopping all kinds of silage.

It affords small scale farmers mechanical treatment of forage that is cut to small pieces to achieve ideal digestibility for farm animals like cows, goats, sheep and many more.

The feed chopper machine with perfect mobility, great output, and amazing cost efficiency consists of a simple mechanism – the feeding hopper, chopping and throwing sections.

Our animal feed chopper machine can grind, crush and cut hard and brittle raw materials. It possesses various blades on rotating cutter heads that chop silage to the ideal length for sufficient digestibility.

Our small silage choppers’ cost-effectiveness with perfect mobility is clear: make use of your existing forage, space, and simple transport logistics to make quality feed for your farm animals.

Among silage choppers in Kenya, ours are the best with the following features:

  • Capacity to 600kg/hr
  • 3hp motor or 7.5hp petrol engine
  • Robust structure fabricated from mild steel and cast iron
  • High strength belts that are super wear-resistant

Additional information

Electric driven(3hp)


Electric driven(5.5hp)


Diesel engine - (7.5hp)


Petrol Engine - (7.5hp)



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