Colour: White

Material: Plastic and stainless-steel nozzle

Weight: 8kg

Power source: Petrol engine

Capacity: 30/50 litres

Product dimensions: 420x350x640mm


Manual Sprayer

Colour: Yellow

Material: Plastic and stainless-steel nozzle

Weight: 5kg

Power source: Manual

Product dimensions: 520x200x480mm


Our ideal and well designed (for comfort) agricultural sprayers (or for other uses) can help you apply liquid substances to plants and other surfaces. The sprayer pump’s efficiency is priceless as it can facilitate fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide application. And you can choose either manual or petrol-driven for high pressure and speed.

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Our agricultural sprayers are one of the essential equipment and tools necessary for sufficient crop production. We have modern sprayers engineered for specific applications (herbicide application, pesticide application, fertilizer application, irrigation, etc.) to maximize spraying performance.

Most sprayers for sale in Kenya, including ours, are versatile. The sprayer pump, either with a backpack and handholding feature, is efficient, reliable, and durable while giving a dependable performance.

Our petrol-driven agricultural sprayers provide the desired energy boost to supply a high, pressurized flow. This way, you save time and cost while ascertaining continuous flow while spraying fertilizer and other agricultural products on a vast land.

All our sprayers, manual and petrol-driven, are built from strong material. The nozzles are stainless still with a profound plastic body with sufficient space to hold your spraying liquid.

Additionally, our sprayers are compact and consume less space, which affords the user several advantages, including less storage and movement costs.

Because our manual agricultural sprayers are portable and convenient to use, they are perfect for spraying crops that are smaller in height.  On top of this, the motorized knapsack sprayer or manually operated one cab be used in a garden or indoor cultivation of crops.

Main features:

  • Stainless steel nozzle ensuring durability and efficiency.
  • Portable and flexible for easy movement and spraying.
  • Energy boost via the petrol-powered sprayer for applications that require high pressure.
  • Flexible and robust spray wand for swift liquid delivery.
  • Ideally-positioned trigger level.

Additional information

Capacity Sprayer

Petrol-driven 60l, Petrol-driven 50l, Petrol-driven 25l, Manual


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