Combined rice and disc mill


Colour: Blue

Material: Mild steel

Weight: 71kg

Power source: Electricity

Product dimensions: 605x575x850mm


Our combined rice mill, made from stainless steel material, can remove paddy husk and crush rice bran at the same time. The machine’s multifunctional advantage (removes husks and crashes) is excellent for home and commercial use when you need paddy rice to whiten.



The mini combined rice mill is a unique equipment piece for removing paddy rice, whitening the rice and crushing it. It offers ideal efficiency and makes great economic sense for one looking to reduce multiple machines’ usage.

Our combined rice and disc mill machines are perfectly compatible with domestic electric supply, and its compact design makes it easy to fit in small spaces.

The vibratory disc mill’s enabling technology empowers millers regardless of size, location, or gender to produce high-quality output at a lower cost than high-power commercial rice millers.

With fully automatic operation after loading up to the final output, our combined rice mill possessing an integrated outfit design offers outstanding convenience and is less labour-intensive.

Our combined rice and disc mill has compact structure fabricated from mild steel and is easy to operate and repair.  It has unique rice milling and crushing procedure with each granule of rice evenly unshelled and crushed.

Main features:

  • Compact and sturdy structure and convenient operations and repair.
  • Wear and tear resistance ensuring more extended functionality and minimal maintenance.


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